Copa Cafe: Quick Lunch Destination

Sunday, April 28, 2013
We were on a time crunch today so we only had a little over an hour to get lunch. Having been to Copa cafe multiple times in the past, we knew the service was going to be quick and as expected, it was. We waited a couple of minutes for the tables to get cleaned up which was no big deal and the food we ordered arrived 5-10 minutes after ordering.

We ordered the shredded beef with black pepper sauce on pan fried noodles and the shredded chicken with diced salted fish on fried rice. The servings were pretty big and pretty filling

The noodles had a good balance between the shredded beef and veggies. There was an adequate amount of black pepper sauce but it wasn't spicy enough for me. I'm starting to think the spicy thing is my problem and not the restaurants anymore... Anyways, I got some hot sauce to go with it so it's all good. 

Normally, this dish has a delicate balance between soft and crispy noodles but at Copa, the plate was practically filled the the crispy variant. The younger me would've loved it but now, I prefer more soft noodles rather than just a plate filled with the crispy noodles, but that's just my preference. I know tons of people who would enjoy this. I was pretty full after the plate of noodles so I didn't try any rice. We ended up packing the leftover rice home.

Like most HK style cafes, there is a complimentary hot drink included with every meal. I got the coffee milk tea and my mom got the milk tea. I have no complaints about the coffee milk tea and my mom who's really picky about milk tea enjoyed her drink so we have no complaints in the drinks department.

Copa cafe has improved quite a bit since they first opened however many years ago. I still remember the first time we came here. The food wasn't that great and the service was terrible. Nowadays, the service is quick and efficient and the food has improved quite a bit. We tend to visit once every few weeks for lunch and will continue to do so.

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